Making Personal Computing More Ergonomic, More Functional, and More Fun!
Making Personal Computing More Ergonomic, More Functional, and More Fun!

JZM Technologies, Inc. is a technology company with a revolutionary -- game-changing -- patent portfolio for the next generation of personal computing accessories and devices.  


Not since Apple eliminated the physical keyboard from smart phones in 2007 has there been more disruptive technologies; technologies that will provide users with more functionality, more versatility, and more options while making their devices more intuitive, more ergonomic, and more fun to use.  


JZM Tech's simple but powerful technologies will satisfy most users' basic need to transform their personal computing devices into more ergonomic and robust productivity tools.   These technologies will quickly become "must have" features that will define the market for the next generation of personal computing accessories and devices.  They include:


     a) Making intuitive, load bearing,  multi-angular propping -- both in the portrait and landscape orientations -- a reality in every personal computing device.


     b) Making hand-writing ubiquitous, simple, and fun on all personal computing devices


     c) Introducing a new spatial computing appliance that would instantly transform tablet computers of most dimensions and thicknesses into spatial computing platforms ideally suited for people working at a desk, lounging on a chair, or lying in bed.


The company's potential products and applications stem from a patent portfolio that currenlty consists of 16 patent applications filed between April 17, 2014 and February 16, 2017.  Of these applications, 5 have already been examined by the USPTO and 5 patents have been granted.  Eleven patent applications are still pending.  However, the whole portfolio encompases approximately 25 different inventions.